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Designers and Brands 

 Original, creative, 

inspirational ideas to

support your design and development needs

A wide range of design services specifically for designers and brands that give you additional support and a fresh perspective throughout your design and development process.

Swatch Collection

Find seasonal inspiration and original ideas from our collection of one-off swatch designs.


  • Be inspired by up-to-date trends

  • Select from a wide range of concepts

  • Use as a starting point to develop new ideas from

  • Find new yarns, techniques and colour stories

  • Available with factory ready programming

  • Continually refreshed and available to view at a time convenient to you

  • More ...

Get in touch to view our latest collection

Bespoke Fabric Development

Develop fabrics that are unique and perfectly targeted to your needs and ready to put straight into development - helping to save you time and reduce waste. 

  • Work from our trends or your own research

  • Fabrics created in your exact colours and yarns ready for range review and sign-off

  • All design programs ready to email directly to your factory

  • Develop one-off fabrics or an entire floor set presentation

  • 3gg though to 16gg available

  • Fast turnaround

  • Update a bestseller or see different colour options

How it works

Get in touch, set us a brief, we charge by the hour, day or project  

Colourway Services

Find your bestselling colour combinations using our colourway service allowing you to review options before making a final decision, saving time, money and waste at manufacturing level.

  • Colour combos can be created digitally through 3D simulation or actual knit down form

  • Access to in-house colour stocks in thousands of colours for various qualities and counts

  • Reduce sampling requests and costs

  • Providing a more diverse range of options to select from

Prices Start 


Sample Development Service

See your ideas realised in sample form for presentations, displays or catwalk without the commitment to production.

With our close links to manufacturing we can design, tech, follow-up and produce the perfect original samples.

  • Fast turnaround

  • Develop one sample or a whole bespoke collection

  • Samples supplied with full tech, programs and yarn sourcing

  • Access to all gauges and technical manufacturing capabilities

Virtual Design Development

Reduce unnecessary waste, save time, cut development costs by developing your ideas through digital simulation prior to knitting.

Our virtual knitting and sampling services offer a more efficient and sustainable way to develop your collection.

  • Fabric & garment 3D simulation

  • Technical programs supplied with each design

  • Make changes in minutes

  • Accelerate the decision making process

  • Presentation ready CADs and colourways

  • Reduce unnecessary yarn waste and sample shipping

Product Development Consultancy

We have years of experience and market knowledge in creative commercial knitwear.

We can support you with our team's individual strengths and expertise to make your product development process smoother and more effective.

  • Colour, yarn, fabric and garment trends

  • Market research to identify bestsellers

  • Yarn sourcing

  • Factory connections

  • Sustainability consulting

  • Technical support


Over 25 years experience in all aspects of knitwear design.

Helping you realise your ideas into commercial reality.

Streamlining your product development.

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Dedicated designers to support you through the process.

In-depth knowledge of the latest industrial machinery.

Extensive yarn library to match your seasonal colour direction.

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